5 Things To Do After You Get Your Brand Character

Brand characters are getting more and more popular in the digital world. Here’s why:

  1. Mascots attract attention;
  2. They are easy to remember;
  3. They communicate with your audience personally in a friendly and playful way.

If you still don’t have a brand character, you can check out my detailed guide on how to create a brand character for your brand. There you’ll find info on how to choose the right type of character, what would work best for your niche and how to plan exactly what you’d need before even starting to look for a designer.

But what if you’ve already got your mascot?

There are so many ways you can use to promote your content with your brand character. But how to start? How to introduce your character to your audience?

Here are the first 5 things you should do when you get your brand character.

1. Place the Logo on Your Website

If your character is going to be part of the company’s logo, then this could be your first step – place the logo with your character on your website.

While it’s not necessary to make your character a part of your logo, it’s a good idea to have an image on your website of your character interacting with your logo. This will help the audience to associate the mascot with your brand faster and easier.

2. Introduce the character to your audience

Next, you should officially welcome your mascot to the team.

Many companies treat their mascot as a member of the team. A good example is the company JotForm and their cute mascot Podo. Check out the story of Podo if you are curious to see the process of creating the mascot.

So how to welcome your character? One thing you can do is to place an image with the character and your team on your website, just like JotForm did. Post your image on social media as well.

Another thing you can do is to write a blog post for your new character – why and how you created the mascot. For inspiration, you can again refer to the story of JotForm’s character.

You can even tell your audience a little bit about the mascots’ personality. This is a great way to inform your audience for the changes and let them meet your mascot.

And don’t forget to name your character! People will see your character as vital and alive as you present him/her to them. So give the character a name, build some personality.

3. Place your character on key places on your website

Once you introduced the new mascot to your audience it’s time to place it on key places on your website.

The main reason why companies use brand characters is to promote their products/services and differentiate them from the competition.

Depending on the type of product you have, there are several different strategies you can use:

  1. Packaging: If you are selling a physical product you can use your character as part of the packaging design.
  2. Product/service pages on your website: If your business has a website you can use your character on the service pages and even let your character tell the story of your brand and products.

You should be careful though. When you promote your services directly with your character, you risk people to start seeing your mascot as a salesperson.

The relationship between your audience and the brand character should be as positive and easygoing as possible. So, a good practice is to use your character to provide valuable and interesting information to the customers.

What’s more valuable than your freebies?

4. Promote your Freebies with your mascot

As I mentioned above, the best way to use your character is to provide valuable information to your customers.

That’s why your freebies are a great way to promote your new brand character.

Do you have a freebie on your website? Probably a guide or kind of checklist? Of course, you do. We all do.

So where should you place your character?

You don’t even have to make changes to your freebie. The only crucial thing you should change is the cover.

Creating an eye-catchy cover with the character of your freebie will not only make your freebie more attractive but it will also help you to promote your character as well.

5. Use your brand character regularly

In order to transform your character into an ambassador of your brand, you have to present the character to your audience regularly. Put it in different situations, let him/her directly speak to your audience.

Sounds great, but how to do this without spending a fortune on graphic design and illustration services?

Well, the easiest thing you can do is to create templates with your character.

Here is an example from GEICO. You probably know GEICO’s mascot Gecko, whose job is to help people save money on insurance. Well, Gecko is active on social media and he regularly shares his thoughts with the fans.

Geico Gecko Mascot Social Media
Geico Gecko Social Media

Have you noticed how simple this template is? GEICO use one and the same pose of the character and just change the background color, the text and the icon in the thought balloon. And yet you have endless possibilities on what the character can think about.

It’s amazing how many possibilities you have for social media content once you create a mascot for your brand. I can hardly imagine GEICO talking about one being allergic to mammoths if they didn’t have their mascot.

Some brands are concerned that such posts can make their brand look silly and unreliable. Of course, you should be careful when building the image of your character, however there is a distinct line between the personality of your character and your brand.

When it comes to cartoon characters people expect them to be playful, funny and even silly sometimes. It’s part of their charm. Let’s take the aforementioned example, when you see those Gecko’s thoughts you are not thinking how unreliable their brand looks, it just makes you smile. And the 6K likes on the banana’s post clearly shows that a streamlined mascot strategy can skyrocket your social media marketing!

You want more ideas? Check out our blog post on how to use your character to promote your business.


Getting a brand character is exciting, there are so many new ways you can use to promote your brand. But how to start? How to introduce your character to your audience?

Let’s summarize those 5 things you should do after you get your character:

  1. Include your character as a part of your logo.
  2. Introduce the new mascot to your audience. Present the character as part of your team. You can add the character to the picture of your team and even write a blog post about the creation of your mascot.
  3. Place your character on other pages of your website. You should be careful when you are placing the mascot on the service pages. Do not sell and promote your services using your character directly. Instead, you can use him/her to provide valuable and interesting info about your services to the audience
  4. Make your freebies more attractive by designing new covers with your character.
  5. Use your brand character regularly on social media. The easiest way to do that is with templates.

You want more ideas? Check out our blog post on how to use your character to promote your business.

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