How and why Visual Content Space was born?

Hi! I’m Victoria. I am a cognitive scientist and a brand strategist.

What a cognitive scientist is doing in branding? Let me tell you how this happened.

My lifelong passion was revealing the mysteries of the human mind. Well, not all of them, I find most interesting the part that intersects with marketing and branding. For instance, how people make decisions about which product to buy and what influences their decisions.

So after I finished my Master’s Cognitive Science degree, it was time for me to apply my knowledge outside the scientific field, in business.

That’s how I got myself into the world of online business and digital marketing.

Once I got there, however, I realized something.

The online world is growing too fast!

If yesterday we were competing for a minute of the visitor’s time, today we have milliseconds. People evaluate a website for less than a second and leave it forever.

People see thousands of brands a day. How can you expect them to remember yours?

So I embarked on a journey to find which branding element incorporates all these factors: to be visual, attention-grabbing, engaging and memorable.

And that’s how I found brand mascots.

However, I found a huge gap between branding and mascot design.

You can easily find someone to design a character for you. But when you get it, you are on your own.

You should figure out yourself how to incorporate it in your branding, how to introduce it to your audience, when you should use it and when you shouldn’t.

This is why I decided to create a space, where you can get a brand character and learn how to use it to promote your brand.

This is how Visual Content Space was born.

The online business is flourishing now. You don’t have to be a big brand to be noticed and remembered. You just need the right branding strategy. I hope I can help you with that!

Online consumers are meeting thousands of brands daily.

Whether your potential customer is googling something or just scrolling through their social media feed, you have a few milliseconds to grab their attention.

There is one thing that the brain can for sure detect fast enough – visuals.

However, it’s not enough to notice the image, right? You want people to remember your brand and recognize it next time they see it.

Mascots incorporate all these factors. That’s why they are so successful.

Mascots, also called brand characters, serve as an ambassador of a brand or a company.

Brand characters make brands distinctive, recognizable and memorable. They also give you endless possibilities to create visual content online.

However, creating such a powerful mascot is not an easy task.

A mascot is more of a branding strategy creation than a design piece.

This is why we don’t just design brand characters.

We build distinctive mascots, based on research, and we help you transform the character into an ambassador of your company.

Mascots based on research

To get the full potential of your character you should make it part of your content strategy. Every business has different needs and the line between the great mascot and a cheesy cartoon can be easily crossed. You need to know how your audience will respond to your character and analyze the success and the mistakes of other brands in the past.

We take into account your specific audience, what type of character would fit. We analyze the content strategy of brand characters in your industry: types of characters and styles, how they use their brand characters.

We help you integrate your mascot into your branding and visual strategy.

What we do

We help you create the concept of your mascot, taking into account your specific audience and analyzing the mascot strategies in your industry.

We design your vector character and all additional elements you need, such as additional poses, facial expressions, backgrounds, etc.

We help you integrate your mascot into your branding and visual strategy based on what works best for your specific business.

What our clients say

Adam Connell
Blogging Wizard

“I’m very happy with the character design and visual strategy. Victoria was great to work with throughout. Excellent communication, helpful advice throughout and great end product.”


“Fantastic to work with. Timely execution, great results and post-production advice.

Visual Content Space Testimonials Client 3
Project Manager

“I’ve always wanted to see myself as a cartoon character. I was amazed when I saw my avatar finished. It looks just like me! I can’t wait to use it on my website, stickers and business cards! The avatar will make them so unique and catchy!”

Visual Content Space Testimonials Client 4
Krassy Dimitrov

“Super happy with my avatar. I feel like it is ideal representation of me online. I ordered it for personal use and so far my experience has been stellar!”

Visual Content Space Testimonials Client 2
Event Coordinator

“It is really important to use a personal approach to clients in my work. The only way to attract their attention during the first contact is to present myself in a unique way and my avatar made my business cards look so interesting to the clients. I haven’t believed it is possible to represent a face so accurately as a cartoon, but Victoria managed to capture all my facial features, the shape of my face and the eyebrows. It went far beyond my expectations.”

Visual Content Space Testimonials Client 1 Profile
Research Assistant

“I got my avatar as a gift and when I first saw it, I couldn’t belive someone managed to draw my face in such incredible detail! The wrinkles and dimples around my mouth and nose were so accurate that my friends could recognize it was me only by looking at the lower part of the avatar’s face. The only problem with my avatar is that I recently dyed my hair black so I will surely be getting an updated version in the near future!”


I’ve created a special FREE guide for you!

Read this guide first!
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