Mascot for Blogging Wizard

Want a sneak peek behind the curtain and see how the mascot was created? Check out our post at Blogging Wizard!

“I’m very happy with the character design and visual strategy. Victoria was great to work with throughout. Excellent communication, helpful advice throughout and great end product.”

Adam Connell

Adam Connell

Founder of Blogging Wizard

Facial Expressions




Maurits is the mascot of Visual Content Space.

Facial Expressions


Tech Company Branding

Designing a brand mascot, a logo and a color palette for an artificial intelligence company.

Brand Assets

Facial Expressions

Mascot for an Insurance Company

Brand character design of a Saint Bernard rescue dog for a travel insurance company.

“Fantastic to work with. Timely execution, great results and post-production advice.”



The Donkey Blogger


Brand Mascot Design Poses, Business Donkey with briefcase and flipchart

Human Characters

Mascot for a Tennis Equipment Company

For this character, we have mixed the characteristics of a wizard and a tennis player.

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